The Research Club begins – A summary of our first event!

Summary of PAONE’s First Research Club Meeting:

We had a wonderful first meeting of our research club! Here are some highlights of our discussion last week. We hope you can join us on December 16th  for our next meeting.

Why a Research Club?

We began the session discussing what we hope to get out of this group together – why are we here? Participants discussed wanting to get the following:

  • research from a Canadian context – where are our stories about our work?
  • how can research be really and truly practical and useful for us day to day?
  • how can we do it? what should the process of research look like and include?
  • how can we be a research club that looks at rigorous research without being academic in our approach?

We then moved into a discussion of the different components of research and what they are each meant to do. Following this short discussion in pairs we analysed the research for the evening: the Performing Arts Education Overview.

Patty Jarvis, one of the key researchers, discussed the rationale for this research: that it came out of a need for the education and arts and culture worlds to be better connected. She said that we knew then, in 2004 when the research was completed, that advocating together was what was needed to make us stronger but it was puzzling that arts education was positioned outside the conversation on audience development.

We finished our discussion by asking how we create research/information that people are going to use. Looking toward the next meeting of the Research Club, we aim to think about this work as a creative process. We will informally reflect on how engaging in research affects our work day-to-day as creative workers?

This is such a small glimpse into our conversation – we hope you will be able to join us for the next one on December 16th (at 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Tarragon Theatre).

We will be looking at the following two pieces on arts education and management:

Managing applied theatre

Taking care and playing it safe: Tensions in the management of funding relationships

Please read both before you come. We are lucky to have Molly Mullen, the author of these two research pieces, Skyping into our discussion that evening!

Please RSVP to by noon on December 14th if you are able to attend!

2 thoughts on “The Research Club begins – A summary of our first event!

  1. HI PAONE research group,
    I’m a retired prof. of music from York and director of the Milkweed Collective. I’m sorry not to get to your meetings. I have one recommendation: that research into arts programming depends on detailed documentation and analysis.

    For example: The Milkweed artist-teachers have given the Exploring Creativity in Depth program to over 6,000 kids and 150 teachers grades 1-8 from public and catholic schools in West Toronto. We document the artwork and give feedback forms to all students, teachers and parents, also video interviews. Analyses of this fund of material is given in the report, “My Mind a Beautiful Thing”: Imagination, Art, Creativity in Elementary Education (2011). It’s downloadable from the website.
    I shall try to attend a meeting of your group in the new year.
    Best wishes for the Solstice Season,
    Austin Clarkson, Ph.D.

    • Hi Austin,

      Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and passing on an example of work that documents and analyzes programming in such great detail. We know that for some arts organizations, conducting this kind of in-depth research is not always possible due to limited resources. It would be interesting to learn what allowed for Milkweed to engage in such rigorous research.

      We really hope you’ll be able to join us for a session in the new year!

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