Highlights: Community Arts & Arts Education Conference

WATCH the highlights from PAONE’s Conference exploring Community Arts and Arts Education.

How do we define “community arts” and “arts education”? What are the differences? Where and how do they intersect? While the terms are often interchanged, each practice is characterized by unique approaches, methodologies, and goals. How can we examine these distinct practices, so that we can move forward authentically in our programming and strengthen the focus of our work? We asked these questions at our February 10, 2016 Mini-Conference.

We were joined by guests Beth Helmers, Artistic Director at the Community Arts Guild an Offshoot of Jumblies Theatre, Marjorie Chan, Artistic Director of Cahoots Theatre Company, Angie Aranda, Manager of Strategic Partnerships & Operations, and Parul Pandya, Manager of Community Engagement & Communications from the Neighbourhood Arts Network.

(Full audio of the conference available here!)

WATCH: The full conference here:

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One thought on “Highlights: Community Arts & Arts Education Conference

  1. Thoughtful sharing and questions that we all struggle with in our arts education/community arts practice. Thank you for making it feel like there is a community of folks out there!

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