Four-question PAONE Survey: 2016/17


Update: November, 23, 2016: THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. Your feedback is invaluable. The survey is now closed.

This year the board of PAONE is dedicating our focus on taking an honest look at the structure of the organization.  We feel that the organization is at crossroads and are questioning how to serve our members best. Do we continue to maintain the current structure of offering practical networking and professional development opportunities through a series of conferences and social gatherings or change the organizational structure to enable PAONE  the capacity to advocate for the Arts Education community and lead systematic change?

To know the best way forward, we need to understand the perceived value and expectations of PAONE directly from our members. At our recent AGM/Morning Mixer, we asked the participants four key questions, and we would like to ensure that all members of PAONE have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation.

Ed: Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. 



2 thoughts on “Four-question PAONE Survey: 2016/17

  1. We believe that PAONE is just starting the work of bringing all individuals and org who work in the TYA field. Everyone says that TYA arts is important however the financial support is not there. Yes we know this is a recurring theme or is it a nightmare?
    The next conference could deal with what are blocks to TYA being heard by the various players.

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