Request for Proposals: PAONE Conferences 2016/17  

feb 10 mini con

The PAONE Board has looked honestly at our processes over the past several years and we realized that we have not always created opportunities that easily invite participation.  In order to build on our strengths we need to work more meaningfully with all of you. This means being more inclusive and open and also representing disciplines and types of arts education work equitably. To that end, we are looking to you to help design and implement our programming for the 2016/17 season.

The goal of our conferences is to provide support for individuals responsible for the development and implementation of arts education programs for their respective organizations. We aim to: provide meaningful networking and PD opportunities, address specific challenges and successes in the field, broaden PAONE’s reach to arts educators and administrators beyond the GTA, build support for increased resource sharing/best practices within the field, support new and emerging arts education administrators.

Please provide a brief description of the topic or question would you like to explore in a PAONE conference:

  1. What kind of format would you want to use (panel discussion, workshop, small group discussion, etc.) and why?
  2. Are there any individual or organizational partners or experts you would like to include in this conference?
  3. What materials would you require (markers, chart paper, speakers, etc.)?
  4. When are you interested in holding this conference?

PAONE members will receive a small budget to help realize the conference as well as a modest honorarium for their work.

The deadline for submissions is December 1st, 2016.

Please submit your proposal via e-mail to

Don’t hesitate to be in touch with any questions you might have!

2 thoughts on “Request for Proposals: PAONE Conferences 2016/17  

  1. Question: What foundations/companies support teaching in and through the arts?
    This is a query I have and perhaps a small group discussion or panel discussion would work for this. Experts to invite could include companies that already sponsor educational projects.

  2. I would like to educate through seminar, workshops, hands-on training importance of First Nation Arts and education, is this a topic you wold consider?

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