Resources: Examining Resilience in Arts Education Programming (March 28, 2017 Conference)

On March 28, we held our first member-facilitated conference of 2017. Led by PAONE member Carrie Hage, we explored building resilience in youth through arts education programming.

If you weren’t able to join us or would like to revisit what we discussed, you can take a look at her presentation: PAONE – March 28 Conference.

Noorin Fazal (Program Director, Story Planet), one of the guest speakers at the conference, has also shared her self-reflection questions:

•Who am I placing at the heart of all decisions?
•Do I have a growth mindset? Am I constantly testing and iterating? How do I view failure?
•Do the volunteers, staff, and facilitators reflect diverse lived experiences? Do we reflect the communities that we serve?
•What balance of structure and flexibility allows for creative risks in my context?
•Is 1:1 mentorship possible in my context? How?
•How can I capture the creative process in a tangible way?

We hope these will be valuable tools to you all in your respective practices!

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