WATCH: Highlights from our Outreach Beyond Your Organization conference

On Thursday, April 28, 2016, PAONE hosted a conference with the Shaw Festival and Carousel Players that examined appropriate and respectful communication with new communities, and how to best approach outreach in communities that are not necessarily reflected within current audience, staff or board.

Watch highlights from the day, featuring guest speakers, Jessica Carmichael of Carousel Players and independent multi-disciplinary artist, Brian Solomon.

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At today’s PAONE Mini-Conference we delved into the question of audience development and engagement as it relates to the physical space that audiences occupy before, during, and after the (proper) performance. We heard from Lynda Hill about her work engaging young audiences at Theatre Direct and then from members of our community with other case studies.

For those of you who attended, let’s keep the conversation going…

What ideas sparked for you during the discussion?

In what ways could we better prepare audiences?

In what ways can we better listen to our audiences so they feel that they, personally, are welcomed/encouraged/engaged?