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PAONE members gain access to a wide network of arts education professionals throughout the industry. Through event-based programming and ongoing communication throughout the network, members in diverse disciplines can benefit from others’ experiences and best practices, find shared resources and connect with different participant groups through joint projects.

Member benefits include:

  • participation in 3-4 annual conferences
  • participation in special initiatives and projects such as the 2015/16 Research Club, the development of the Performing Arts Education Overview, and arts education opportunities for youth like T-Dot and MODD
  • representation on the PAONE website
  • access to newsletters with the latest arts education information gathered from all our members (education projects, PD opportunities, advocacy, production information, etc.). Join the mailing list here!

Membership is a pay-what-you-can model with suggested donations for each PAONE event.

To become a member, please fill out the PAONE membership application form below.